Business Litigation

Yourist Law understands the issues that small and medium-sized businesses face, as we face the same problems. When we combine that special knowledge with our trial experience and knowledge of business law, our clients have a strong advocate.

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Business Disputes

Yourist Law understands that internal business disputes and conflict among partners and shareholders can threaten the very heart of a business. These disputes most often occur years after a partnership agreement

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Entity Formation

Yourist Law believes entrepreneurs are the back bone of our economy. We advise entrepreneurs on the right legal structure to form their enterprise. We will advise you on the choice of business entity, including formation of S corporations,

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Basic Forms of Business Ownership

Although forms of business ownership vary by country and local government, there are several common forms of business ownership:

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Minority Shareholder Rights-Stop Look & Listen

In California, shareholders possess a myriad of rights that protect them from abuses by the majority.

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