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YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Over 1 million Americans took advantage of the quickest and

easiest way to get relief from their debt and filed for Bankruptcy last year.

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Yourist Law has learned over the recent years that most mortgage and loan servicing companies are currently unable or unwilling to work with their borrowers to provide them with a loan modification that they can actually afford.

We do not wait for others to make arbitrary decisions about our clients’ lives. We use the power of the United States Bankruptcy Court to stop foreclosures, wage garnishments, lawsuits. Through the power of the Court we help our clients discharge and reorganize their mortgages and other debts.

Due to the current poor market conditions our clients generally owe more on their houses then they are worth. The unintended benefit of these poor market conditions is that we use well-settled case law to cancel or ‘strip’ our clients’ second, third, etc. mortgages through the Court's inherent powers. The use of this legal procedure, along with reorganizing other debt, gives our clients a financial advantage.

We would be honored to be your Bankruptcy attorney of choice during this challenging time in our economy and assist you in getting your 'fresh start' in life.

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